A broader perspective can highlight new ways to get where you want to go.

Most working professionals have many years in the workforce ahead of them, and it’s become increasingly unlikely that any of us will remain in one job or one organization until retirement.

Whether securing a promotion with an existing employer, shifting within an industry, or considering a different role or a new field, figuring out how to make a smart career move can be daunting for even very experienced professionals.

Rather than jumping at the first opportunity to get out of your current situation, the goal is of course to land an opportunity that both proves to be a good fit for you based on your priorities at a given point in time and positions you to advance your career path moving forward.

What is driving your search?

Doing so typically requires clarifying what those priorities are and what in fact is driving you to seek a change. Many are driven by a desire to increase their income and title, but some are bored and ready for a new challenge, while others are looking for more meaning in their professional life. Still others need to move to another part of the country or experience a changed personal situation that requires flexibility.

For those looking to make a move because of frustration with management issues, it’s important to remember that those issues aren’t limited to any particular organization or industry, so that changing jobs–or even fields– doesn’t necessarily resolve the frustration. It is worth considering how you might develop the capacity to navigate those issues, whether in your current workplace or your next one through executive coaching.

There is a spectrum, however, and staying in an organization (or under a supervisor) who continues to ignore the need for improved management skills can take a toll so heavy it’s time to make a move.

Whatever the reason one is looking to make a change, finding a position with increased levels of compensation, autonomy, a positive work environment, and opportunities to maximize potential poses a challenge. We can help.

  • Carving a Path Forward

    Drawing on our experience helping hundreds of smart, highly skilled professionals advance their careers, we provide knowledgeable guidance and perspective, allowing you to:

    • Make informed decisions about what you need to do to get where you want to go,
    • Investigate your options to determine what moves are realistic over time,
    • Clarify what you’re looking for in your professional life,
    • Set goals and develop a plan to achieve them,
    • Identify a set of criteria to use as a lens to evaluate potential options,
    • Determine what tradeoffs you would be willing to accept and those you would not,
    • Target the types of opportunities that both meet your criteria and for which you would be marketable, and
    • Develop strategies to get where you want to go down the road.
  • Skills & Materials

    We have substantial expertise helping high-performers develop skills and materials to market themselves effectively for opportunities of interest so that you can:

    • Create a narrative that presents your experience to date in a way that resonates with various audiences and potential employers,
    • Maximize the effectiveness of your written materials to make you an attractive candidate for desired positions,
    • Improve your networking skills so that you are more likely to
      • learn of,
      • be considered for, and
      • excel in interviews for interesting opportunities,
    • Develop accountability to advance your search over time,
    • Navigate a challenging work situation while looking for a new opportunity,
    • Conduct impressive interviews, and
    • Negotiating terms of an offer.

What clients are saying

“I’ve just been selected for a wonderful new position. The work we did together and your expertise and well timed nudges forward helped to make this possible! Count me as a 5/5 satisfied customer and fan of yours!”
“Kate offered an objective, informed perspective that was incredibly helpful and that I couldn’t get from even my closest friends and colleagues.”
“Kate was wonderful to work with. She was smart and helpful, a great listener, and had great suggestions.”
“Kate impressed me with her calm manner, and she had a process that gave me confidence that I could be successful. I trusted her, and it worked out great.”
“Kate is awesome. She helped me to feel good about how I handled some difficult issues and was able to quickly sift through my issues to find a few core areas I could focus upon.”
“Kate is more personalized and thoughtful for mid-career professionals than other resources I’ve used.”
“Kate helped me think about how to reframe some issues and gave me confidence in ‘selling’ myself effectively. She also helped me manage a couple of difficult professional relationships and situations.”
“Kate makes efficient and effective use of the time during counseling sessions. Her broad perspective and pragmatic (and compassionate) approach resulted in organizing my professional experience in a way that made me more confident and helped me tap into networks.”
“The process helped me clarify my own understanding of what I want in my career and identify next steps in reaching my goals.”
“Kate is the real deal. I am eternally grateful for her assistance during a difficult time in my career. I have referred several friends to her already.”