We have a demonstrated record of helping high-performers who are accustomed to solving complex problems independently move forward when they feel stuck. Almost everyone comes to a point where external perspective becomes critical in order to make informed decisions about the future and navigate next steps to advance beyond a particularly challenging situation.

Once armed with objective feedback and perspective, it becomes easier to focus on building capacity in specific areas, to evaluate your options, and to define your bottom line. Clients report that working with us helps them gain confidence, insight and clarity and strengthens their ability to take initiative, make decisions, and communicate clearly and productively.

We share with many of our clients a skepticism of approaches often considered “touchy feely.” Drawing on our own professional experience, training, and knowledge gained over the last ten years of practice, we have developed the ability to translate terms and provide a filter so that clients can access potential benefits from non-linear strategies without being distracted by their less than helpful language and fuzzy expectations.

For organizations to reap a benefit, managers must not only understand new practices but also effectively implement them. Without some individualized feedback, accountability, and tailored adjustment over time (aka what coaching provides), training is not likely to produce a high ROI.

Even when stand-alone training is substantive and well-received, once participants return to their desks, most revert to business as usual. Similarly, investing in management consultants to conduct a needs assessment and recommend best practices can result in production of a “million dollar binder” that ends up sitting on a shelf.

Through experience utilizing a combination of coaching, training, and consulting approaches, we have repeatedly demonstrated results helping professionals and organizations advance in the direction they want to go.

The range and length of our services vary, depending on a client’s goals and priorities. Clients often extend their work with us, and over the last 10 years we have had a large number of repeat clients as they progress.

  • Typical coaching engagements range from three to nine months with many clients extending to continue working with us to navigate uncertainty and continue to build skills.
  • Career advancement services often include three to five meetings but can sometimes go up to 10.
  • Workshops and presentations vary from a half-day to a series over the course of several months.
We work with clients to customize programs and services to meet their goals, and fees for that work vary accordingly. Having found that packages produce stronger results for clients, we do not work on an ad hoc hourly basis except with clients who have already completed a package. We offer tailored packages of services to individual professionals, starting at $1,100.
We regularly work with clients across the country through phone and video consultations, and we meet at a client’s workplace if that is preferred. We can also meet in our office located in downtown Washington, DC, at 1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW, across from the Farragut North metro station.