Across industries, managers and leaders promoted into their roles based on performance in previous positions are required to adapt to as they take on additional responsibilities under changed circumstances.

It can quickly become clear—to team members, colleagues, or departments, if not individuals themselves–that different leadership and management skills are required.

While mentor relationships can add huge value, the time available and the capacity to provide actionable guidance varies widely.

At the same time, the level of candor internal HR partners feel comfortable providing can be limited, and waiting for performance reviews to have difficult conversations means that unproductive conditions fester.

As external coaches, we develop a confidential, non-judgmental relationship with each individual we work with, building trust that allows for candid communication, a practical, problem-solving approach, and greater capacity to be productive under stress.

Management issues exact a high price.

Working closely with someone who does not have the leadership and management skills to successfully navigate issues that regularly arise in the workplace can sap the potential from anyone.

The cost of replacing people the organization has invested in recruiting and training is high, but the toll that management issues take on high-performers’ motivation, enthusiasm, and their teams’ productivity is often the real blow to an organization’s capacity to meet its goals.

Leveraging the potential of talented professionals to address increasingly complex issues is key to the performance and the bottom line of the organizations for which they work.

The good news is that these are learned skills.

The debate continues over whether leaders are born or made, but people changing roles are unlikely to sprout new capabilities overnight. There is substantial evidence that learned skills provide the differential to further success among professionals in the workplace.

  • Skill-Building

    We provide effective guidance and support to high-performers at all levels, allowing them to develop and demonstrate skills around:

    • Managing up, down, and across
    • Situational leadership
    • Strategic planning
    • Effective communication in a range of contexts
      • Giving (and accepting) feedback
      • Delegating and holding others accountable
      • Speaking up in meetings and with supervisors
      • Interacting with clients
      • Dealing with difficult colleagues
    • Building professional relationships with emotional intelligence
    • Exhibiting executive presence
  • Developing Capacity

    We help build capacity to improve effectiveness and efficiency in partnership with individuals and organizations. Throughout our work, this involves:

    • Setting measurable goals
    • Identifying benchmarks for performance
    • Providing knowledgeable support and resources
    • Assessing issues from an objective perspective
    • Backing up to focus on the bigger picture
    • Giving confidential, constructive feedback
    • Developing targeted problem-solving strategies to manage situations that get in the way.
    • Creating boundaries to lessen the impact of difficult issues, both in and outside the workplace.

Coaching provides higher ROI than other Professional Development

For organizations to reap a benefit, managers must not only understand new practices but also effectively implement them. Without some individualized feedback, accountability, and tailored adjustment over time (aka what coaching provides), training is not likely to produce a high ROI.

Even when stand-alone training is substantive and well-received, once participants return to their desks, most revert to business as usual. Similarly, investing in management consultants to conduct a needs assessment and recommend best practices can result in production of a “million dollar binder” that ends up sitting on a shelf.

Through experience utilizing a combination of coaching, training, and consulting approaches, we have repeatedly demonstrated results helping professionals and organizations advance in the direction they want to go.

What clients are saying

“Kate is the real deal. I am eternally grateful for her assistance during a difficult time in my career. I have referred several friends to her already.”
“Thank you for your support through the years. I am forever indebted to you for the advice and guidance you have provided me throughout my career.”
“Your advice was spot on, and I appreciated all of your help. It was amazing how much you accurately deduced from such a thumbnail sketch from me.”
“Kate offered an objective, informed perspective that was incredibly helpful and that I couldn’t get from even my closest friends and colleagues.”
“Kate was wonderful to work with. She was smart and helpful, a great listener, and had great suggestions.”
“Kate impressed me with her calm manner, and she had a process that gave me confidence that I could be successful. I trusted her, and it worked out great.”
“Kate is awesome. She helped me to feel good about how I handled some difficult issues and was able to quickly help me identify a few core areas I could focus upon.”
“Kate helped me think about how to reframe some issues and gave me confidence. She also helped me manage a couple of difficult professional relationships and situations.”
“The process helped me clarify my own understanding of what I want in my career and identify next steps in reaching my goals.”